About Us


We’re a group of childhood friends who decided to make a blog together. All of us split down very different paths after grade school and thought it would be interesting to combine our thoughts on the same site.


There’s a couple reasons we thought it would be worth it to set up a blog.

First, we wanted to encourage ourselves to write more regularly. The writing process is a good way to look back, reflect and refine. It’s also a way for us to keep track of goals and read what our past selves wrote more objectively.

Second, good ol’ togetherness. The blog is a way to keep us close while living far apart, update family and friends, and connect to people with shared interests. There’s more space for deep thoughts in a blog post than social media or group chats.

Finally, we were fed up with other options. You may ask – why not just use Facebook to catch up like normal people? This blog is part of a sort of vision for a better internet where people have control of their info, aren’t locked into platforms, and can communicate without companies butting in everywhere.

Hope you like it!